School is fun. Wait. What?!?

We played a game that Sarah at Everybody is a Genius taught me, 31-derful, and a student told me: “This is the hardest most fun game I’ve ever played!”  A terrific math game that is deliciously challenging, but has a low entry threshold.  I read aloud from “Wind in the Willows”, by Kenneth Grahame. We’ll be reading from this, rather, I’ll be reading from this (as reading aloud is one of my favorite things), every Monday during Advisory.  We’ve discussed everybody’s right to be heard, and all that that implies, as a basis for our math and science explorations.  Ask me in a month, but I get the feeling that the kids are looking forward to coming to school every day.  And that’s how they need to feel if they’re going to be engaged and motivated.  I have some great stuff for them.

About gblakney

Middle School Mathematics Teacher, passionate EdTech user who loves to experiment with new methods and tools in the classroom. Following the lead of Dan Meyer and Jo Boaler, I create a safe place for kids to discover the fun and beauty of maths. I use Number Talks and Groupwork to make maths accessible for all of my students. I enjoy Mathematics and I'm enthusiastic about teaching; the kids really respond to that.
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