Maths Project #1

Maths Project #1

This is the first maths project. The objective is to create a situation where students can explore rates, proportions, variability, how values depend on other values that change over time, and anything else I might not have thought of. There are no rules other than that you must try to explore every possible relationship using mathematics. Make assumptions if you don’t have specific information.

Project #1
Two cars, one bicycle, one road. Two cars traveling in opposite directions on a two-lane road, one bicycle traveling in the same direction as one of the cars. Why do all the objects seem to pass the same point at the same time?

Things to think about:
At Time t, how far apart are the cars?
how fast are they traveling?
how far is the bicycle from each car?
has fast is the bicycle traveling?
do we assume that all objects have a constant speed?
what is the relative speed of the objects?
what happens when we vary the distance between the objects?
what happens when we vary the distance between the objects? at Stanford University

Thanks to Dr. Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education, Stanford University

did he say “maths”, or is that a typo?


About gblakney

Middle School Mathematics Teacher, passionate EdTech user who loves to experiment with new methods and tools in the classroom. Following the lead of Dan Meyer and Jo Boaler, I create a safe place for kids to discover the fun and beauty of maths. I use Number Talks and Groupwork to make maths accessible for all of my students. I enjoy Mathematics and I'm enthusiastic about teaching; the kids really respond to that.
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