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Pascal’s Triangle and the Binomial Coefficient

Really enjoying this playlist on the Binomial Coefficient. These are not in order; part of the fun for me is moving back and forth between them. Many thanks to Richard Rusczyk of Art of Problem Solving for providing such a … Continue reading

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“But when will I ever need to use this, Mr. B?”

“The New York Times Doesn’t Know Any Math Teachers” this is why I follow Dan Meyer.  I would pose this to my students as: “can you help the innumerate New York Times?”

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The Joy of X – NYTimes.com

The Joy of X – NYTimes.com.  Steven Strogatz on Math Algebra, for example, may have once struck you as a dizzying mix of symbols, definitions and procedures, but in the end they all boil down to just two activities — … Continue reading

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